WTA Presentation/Publication Guidelines


All WTA Multicenter Trials (MTC) abstracts must be submitted for presentation at a WTA annual meeting through the regular abstract submission process (as described on the WTA website). Timing of submission is at the discretion of the lead author, with input from other study participants and the WTA Multicenter Trials Committee Chair. The WTA abstract submission deadline is generally October 1st.

All WTA MTC abstracts accepted for presentation at an annual WTA meeting must be accompanied by a full manuscript submitted to the Journal of Trauma as a ‘WTA Podium Paper’ in accordance with WTA guidelines for manuscript submission.


Manuscripts resulting from WTA Multicenter studies will be prepared for submission to the Journal of Trauma at the time of the WTA annual meeting. If, however, the manuscript is rejected by the Journal of Trauma, the choice of alternate venues for submission will be at the discretion of the lead author (with input from the other authors and Committee Chair).

Participation of the WTA Multicenter studies group as part of another organization’s multicenter trial requires approval from the MTC Chair, and clarification, in advance, of intended venues for abstract and manuscript submission.

See the Exceptions to these guidelines will be by prior approval of the MTC Chair and the WTA Board of Directors. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in exclusion from participating in future WTA MTC studies.