Thomas Scalea New Member Research Award

The Thomas Scalea New Member Research Award was designed to honor scholarly work done by a member within the first three years of membership in the Western Trauma Association. Dr. Scalea has trained  scores of trauma fellows in diverse disciplines including Surgery, Medicine, and Emergency Medicine, this diversity recognized in the WTA membership.  He brought each one interested in the WTA to their first meeting and introduced them to the other members. Almost all joined and a  number have now been placed in important roles in the WTA including the Board of Managers, and  key committees. Recognizing that the future of the WTA lies in the diversity of those who will follow, Dr. Scalea helped to establish this prize for our new members.

New Member Research Prize


1. A new Active member (as opposed to a new senior member or a member that turns senior within the “window”)

2. “New” means elected to active membership within three years of the date of submission.

3. Must submit a manuscript.

4. Must personally present the work at the annual meeting.


1. Eligible member; can be the only “new” member submitting (i.e., does not have to be a competition, but the prize is given on the merit of the work)

2. Oral and written presentations judged by the Publications Committee members.

3. No requirement that a Scalea Award be given every year.