Foundation Basic Science Lecture

This lecture was established by a founding member (Robert Volz, President 1971 & 1972) of the Western Trauma to enhance the academic mission and provide valuable basic science information that is relevant to the field of trauma.  It is a scheduled part of the annual meeting in which an invited speaker is chosen to discuss a specific basic research topic that has clinical relevance to the care of the trauma patient.  Honoraria and expenses are paid by the Western Trauma Foundation as part of its mission to support the academic endeavors of the Western Trauma Association.  These surgeon/researchers are selected by the program committee for their specific expertise and contributions to the knowledgebase in the field of trauma.  This lecture is often a combination of translational as well as basic science research.


YearLecturerLecture Title
2009Raul Coimbra, MD, PhDInjury and Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction: Past, Present, and Future
2010Lawrence Diebel, MDWar and Peace at the Mucosal Surface: A Toll-Story
2011Carl J. Hauser, MDInflammation After Injury: …Sniffing the Trail from Femur Fractures to Formyl Peptides
2012Frederick A. Moore, MD Strategies for Translational Research
2013Steven R. Shackford, MDThe Role of Hypertonic Saline Resuscitation in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery: Size Matters
2014Hasan Alam, MDA Trauma Surgeon’s Journey through the World of Basic Research
2015Charles S. Cox, Jr., MDAdvanced Cellular Therapy for TBI
2016Rosemary Kozar, MDThe Role of Resuscitation In the Endotheliopathy of Trauma and Shock
2017Mitchell J. Cohen, MDTranslational Approaches to Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy
2018Ernest E. “Gene” Moore, MDTrauma Research: Trials and Tribulations of a Triceratops
2019Timothy R. Billiar, MDTrauma Immunology – A New Name for an Old Concept
2020Martin A. Schreiber, MDStem Cells in Trauma: The Dawn Of a New Era
2022Elizabeth J. Kovacs, PhDBurns Are More Than Skin Deep: Systemic Inflammation After Injury in the Aged Involves the Gut-Lung Axis