Previous Annual Meetings

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Year Location President
1971 Vail Robert G. Volz, M.D.
1972 Vail Robert G. Volz, M.D.
1973 Vail Peter V. Teal, M.D.
1974 Aspen William R. Hamsa, M.D.
1975 Sun Valley Arthur M. McGuire, M.D.
1976 Snowmass Lynn Ketchum, M.D.
1977 Park City Fred C. Chang, M.D.
1978 Steamboat Springs Glen D. Nelson, M.D.
1979 Snowmass Gerald D. Nelson, M.D.
1980 Snowbird Kevin G. Ryan, M.D.
1981 Jackson Hole David S. Bradford, M.D.
1982 Vail Erick R. Ratzer, M.D.
1983 Jackson Hole William R. Olsen, M.D.
1984 Steamboat Springs Earl G. Young, M.D.
1985 Snowbird Robert B. Rutherford, M.D.
1986 Sun Valley Rudolph A. Klassen, M.D.
1987 Jackson Hole Robert J. Neviaser, M.D.
1988 Steamboat Springs Robert C. Edmondson, M.D.
1989 Snowbird Ernest E. Moore, M.D.
1990 Crested Butte Stephen W. Carveth, M.D.
1991 Jackson Hole George E. Pierce, M.D.
1992 Steamboat Springs Peter Mucha, Jr., M.D.
1993 Snowbird David V. Feliciano, M.D.
1994 Crested Butte R. Chris Wray, M.D.
1995 Big Sky David Kappel, M.D.
1996 Grand Targhee Thomas H. Cogbill, M.D.
1997 Snowbird G. Jerry Jurkovich, M.D.
1998 Lake Louise James B. Benjamin, M.D.
1999 Crested Butte Herbert J. Thomas III, M.D.
2000 Squaw Valley Barry C. Esrig, M.D.
2001 Big Sky Steven R. Shackford, M.D.
2002 Whistler-Blackcomb James A. Edney, M.D.
2003 Snowbird J. Scott Millikan, M.D.
2004 Steamboat Springs Harvey J. Sugerman, M.D.
2005 Jackson Hole Scott R. Petersen, M.D.
2006 Big Sky Harold F. Sherman, M.D.
2007 Steamboat Springs Fred Moore, M.D.
2008 Squaw Valley Jim Davis, M.D.
2009 Crested Butte Grace Rozycki, M.D.
2010 Telluride Robert C. Mackersie, M.D.
2011 Big Sky Gage Ochsner, M.D.
2012 Vail R. Lawrence Reed, II, M.D.
2013 Aspen/Snowmass Mark T. Metzdorff, M.D.
2014 Steamboat Springs David H. Livingston, M.D.
2015 Telluride Christine S. Cocanour, M.D.
2016 Squaw Valley Thomas M. Scalea, MD
2017 Snowbird Carl J. Hauser, MD
2018 Whistler-Blackcomb Dennis W. Vane, M.D.
2019 Snowmass Roxie Albrecht, M.D.
2020 Sun Valley Dave Shatz, M.D.
Virtual Content Robert McIntyre, M.D.


The Western Trauma Association thanks the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery for permission to provide our published presidential addresses.

Western Trauma Association Previous Annual Meeting Sites

Site Number of Meetings Last Year at Site
Aspen 1 1974
Big Sky 4 2011
Crested Butte 4 2009
Grand Targhee 1 1996
Jackson Hole 5 2005
Lake Louise 1 1998
Park City 1 1977
Snowbird 7 2017
Snowmass 4 2019
Squaw Valley 3 2016
Steamboat Springs 7 2014
Sun Valley 3 2020
Telluride 2 2015
Vail 5 2012
Whistler-Blackcomb 2 2018