Multicenter Trials Committee Membership

Purpose: The multi-center trials group is open to all members of the WTA and was formed in order to review and/or research areas of trauma care where large numbers of patients are needed to answer clinically relevant questions. Studies performed and published by this group have a very high citation index in the Journal of Trauma.

Chair: Carlos Brown, M.D.

Membership: Open to all Members of the WTA

Meetings: Semi-annual Winter: Tuesday at 6:00 during Annual Meeting Fall: During AAST Meeting

Current MCT Committe Members
Position Name Term starts Term ends
Chair Carlos Brown 2018 2022
Committee Member Eric Levy 2019 2022
Committee Member Mike Truitt 2019 2023
Committee Member Clay Cothren Burlew 2019 2023
Committee Member Laura Moore 2019 2023
Committee Member Kenji Inaba 2019 2022
Committee Member Matt Martin 2019 2022