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Algorithms Committee Membership

Purpose:  The Algorithms Committee is responsible for the development and dissemination of evidence-based algorithms for the care and treatment of trauma and critically ill patients.

Chair: Matt Martin, M.D.

Current Algorithms Committe Members
Position Name Term starts Term ends
Chair Matt Martin 2019 2022
Committee Member Nelson Rosen 2019 2022
Committee Member Kim Peck 2019 2022
Committee Member Eric Levy 2019 2022
Committee Member Carlos Brown 2019 2022
Committee Member Jordan Weinberg 2020 2023
Committee Member Jennifer Hartwell 2020 2023
Committee Member Jason Sperry 2018 2021
Committee Member Anne Rizzo 2018 2021
Ex-Officio Member (J Trauma ) Gene Moore
Ex-Officio Member (Pubs Chair) Marc DeMoya 2020 2023
Ex-Officio Member (Secretary) Karen Brasel 2020 2023

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