• If you are interested in volunteering for one of the WTA’s committees, please fill out the information below and upload your CV.

    Committee requests are due by May 6th for appointments made for the upcoming year. New committee members will be contacted by the committee Chair by June, and the WTA website will updated at the same time. If you are not appointed to a committee in the year you submit your volunteer form, it will be held until the next year. The WTA will make every effort to place those who volunteer on a committee, but spots are very limited.

    If you are appointed to a committee, you are expected to participate in conference calls, attend the committee meetings, work on projects and be an active participant on the committee. Those who are not active on a committee may be replaced.

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  • Please select as many committees as you want, but if more than one committee is selected please number, 1, 2, 3, etc., in order of importance.

  • Note that the Multicenter Trials Committee is led by a Chair, but anyone can participate. Check the Program Book for the time and date of the Multicenter Trial Committee meeting.

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