Become a Member

Active membership in the Western Trauma Association is open to Doctors of Medicine or Doctors of Osteopathy who are Board Certified or eligible for Board Certification in their medical specialty. Active membership is limited to 125 individuals. In keeping with the WTA’s effort to offer a multidisciplinary educational program, no more than 40% of the membership can represent any one specialty.

Associate membership is available to non-physicians with a special interest or expertise in trauma.

For applications to be considered, candidates for must meet the following requirements.

  1. Applicant must have attended a meeting (in person) within three years of the time of application.
  2. Submit, to the Secretary, a completed application with a letter of sponsorship from a member of the Association.
  3. Candidate must also have submitted, within three years of the time of application, a scientific abstract as an author or co-author for consideration by the Program Committee.

Becoming a member is then dependent on approval of the Board of Directors and an available position in the applicant’s specialty.