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A Note from the WTA Historian

Although we are gearing up for a great 2019 WTA Annual Meeting in Snowmass, preparations are also being made for a milestone meeting the following year:  2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the WTA.  To help make this a festive, meaningful and reflective occasion, on behalf of the 2020 Committee I would like to ask the membership to consider contributing in several ways:

·        Check your archives once again for classic photos, historic documents and the like.  Let me know what you have, and we can discuss how to get them in our files.  If you have pre-1980 materials, particularly programs, they would be most appreciated

·        Consider volunteering to help with the festivities; we have lots of good ideas and more help is always welcome

·        Among other things, we are updating the WTA Injury Registry.  If you have sustained an injury while at a WTA Meeting, make sure you get all the credit you deserve!  Get in touch with Injury Registry Coordinator Michaela West at 

·        A committee is putting together a 50th Anniversary Book to be debuted at the meeting.  Prominently featured in the book will be "WTA Moments", those lesser or greater events recognized by WTA members as encapsulating the WTA experience of friends, family, collegiality, and yes, even science.  With enough response from members, we envision an entire chapter devoted to members' WTA Moments, as recorded by them.  To make it feasible to include a large number of these, we are asking that they be submitted as a "Twitter-like" entry:  140 words maximum.  If there is a particularly apt photo to accompany the entry, that will be considered.  Don't miss your chance for immortality in the spirit of the WTA!

Please consider contributing to the organization we all love by making an effort to review your archives, get in touch and submit your materials, or pledge to volunteer.  Thanks, and see you in 2019 in Snowmass!

Mark Metzdorff, MD
WTA Historian

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